Saint-Ouen Landy - Private Room (3)

Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, France

Private room
84 m2
4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms


This spacious and comfortable room has been designed for you dear roomie! Practical and functional, the room is equipped with high quality bedding (140x200cm), a beautifull wardrobe, a night table and a true office space for your exams or your home office days! All of this in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. In addition, you have access to a shared bathroom and a shared balcony. Beautiful flatshare in Saint-Ouen ! Discover Saint-Ouen Landy, our cosy and freshly renovated contemporary-style apartment. Close to local shops and restaurants, it is easily accessible by RER D, subway line 13, bus line 255. With a surface area of 84 m², it is perfect to accommodate the busy and exciting lives of 4 happy tenants! You will enjoy a kitchen, a living room and a balcony. All of this in a friendly and modern atmosphere. All charges are included: water, electricity, heating but also internet and building maintenance. A large living room / kitchen: Fully equipped kitchen, Large sofa, Bright living room, Smart TV, Large table. Balcony. 4 bedrooms perfectly equipped: 140x200 hotel quality bed, Desk in each room, Large wardrobe. Want to live here? Book your room online now! 🍴 Restaurants | 2 min 🛒 Supermarkets | 3 min 🚍 Landy - Ornano (Bus 255) | 1 min 🚆 Carrefour Pleyel (M13) | 8 min 🚆 Stade de France - Saint Denis (RER D) | 10 min


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23 Sept 2023

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10 m2

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84 m2

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  • Accepts both genders

  • Smokers allowed

  • Pets not allowed

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[FR] - RESERVATION - PRE CHECK IN 1. Annulation effectuée 60 jours ou plus avant la date d'arrivée: remboursement à 100% du premier mois. 2. Annulation effectuée entre le 59e et le 30e jour avant la date d'arrivée:' remboursement de 50% du premier mois. 3. Annulation effectuée entre le 29e jour ou moins avant la date d'arrivée: aucun remboursement n'est prévu. Possibilité de check-in pendant le weekend. Documentation demandée Étudiant : - Papiers d'identité - Preuve d’activité : inscription universitaire - Papiers du garants (SmartGarant si vous ne disposez pas de garant en France) Garants ou locataires hors étudiants : - Papiers d'identité - Preuve d’activité : contrat de travail - Justificatifs de revenus (3 derniers mois) - Acte de cautionnement (de SmartGarant si vous ne disposez pas de garant en France) - APRÈS LE CHECK-IN Le séjour minimum contractuel correspondra à la période de réservation sur Roomless. PRÉAVIS D'ANNULATION DE LA RÉSERVATION : non PÉNALITÉ POUR ANNULATION ANTICIPÉE : pas de pénalité mais les frais de dossiers ne sont pas remboursé Délai de restitution du dépôt: 1 mois si pas de problèmes au moment du check-out, 2 mois si dégradation. Services inclus dans les coliving (pas dans les flatshare): - Partenariat avec Deliveroo pour livraison de petit déjeuner - Ménage des parties communes - Cartes soldo pour des achats locataires - RÉSIDENCE Il est possible d'élire le domicile dans cet appartement. [EN] - RESERVATION - PRE CHECK IN 1. Cancellation made 60 days or more before the arrival date: 100% refund of the first month. 2. Cancellation made between the 59th and 30th day before the date of arrival: 50% refund of the first month. 3. Cancellation made between the 29th day or less before the arrival date: no refund is provided. Possibility of check-in during the weekend. Documentation requested: Student : - Identity paper - Proof of activity: university registration - Papers of the guarantor (moral or physical) - Deed of guarantee from SmartGarant if you do not have a guarantor in France Guarantors or tenants excluding students: - Identity paper - Proof of activity: employment contract - Proof of income (last 3 months) - Deed of guarantee - AFTER CHECK-IN The contractual minimum stay will correspond to the reservation period on Roomless. NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION: no PENALTY FOR EARLY CANCELLATION: no penalty but the administrative fees are not refunded Deadline for return of deposit: 1 month if no problems at check-out, 2 months if there are damages. Services included in coliving (not in flatshares): - Partnership with Deliveroo for breakfast delivery - Cleaning of common areas - Soldo cards for tenant purchases - RESIDENCE It is possible to take up residence in this apartment.

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