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Calle Leones

Carrer dels Lleons, Valencia, Spain

Private room in apartment

Available from 30 Jun 2023

Spacious sunny and bright exterior room. Room with double bed, a large desk with shelves, and lockable door. Apartment with 4 bedrooms with two bathrooms, white doors with lock in all rooms, exterior carpentry with double glazed windows and doors, kitchen equipped with appliances and utensils, two refrigerators to cover the rooms, laundry room, and exterior and interior clothesline. Spacious living room and two terraces, one in the living room and one in the kitchen. It has WIFI, bedding, and radiators. Located on Leones street on the corner of Santos Justo and Pastor streets, in the Amistad neighborhood, and between the two Amistad and Ayora, metro stops. Next to the universities of Valencia on Avda Blasco Ibañez, Politécnico and Tarongers, walking distance. It also has proximity to the Valenbici bike station and the new direct bike lane to the universities. It is connected to the city by the EMT. Close to the student area of Plaza del Cedro.

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