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  2. Carrer del Riu Jalón

Calle Río Jalón H1

Carrer del Riu Jalón, Valencia, Spain

Private room in apartment

Available from 1 Jul 2023

Exterior single room with built-in wardrobe with 3 doors covered and distributed. Desk area with comfortable ergonomic chair and bookshelf. Three-bedroom apartment with two full bathrooms, parquet flooring, a spacious living room with large windows which make it very bright, a sofa area, and a flat-screen TV. The house has central heating and/or central heating, lockable rooms, Wi-Fi, cleaning of common areas. The kitchen is fully equipped with new appliances, a dining area, large cabinets, kitchenware, a vacuum cleaner, a laundry room with a drying rack, recycling bins, special-width fridge with a large cavity. It is located in front of Avda de Serrería and two minutes from the metro station, in a residential complex with common areas and a swimming pool and perfectly connected to other parts of the city as well as a short walk from the beach.

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