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Via Fibreno, Roma, Italy

Private room in apartment

Available from 1 Jul 2023

"Please note that the security deposit for this listing has to be paid directly, and within three days from the booking confirmation date." ??Suite Room 2 in Via Fibreno ??Size Room: 25m2 Apartment with 4 single rooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom, balconies. Our apartments within 1 km of the main universities of Rome to move comfortably on foot or by bicycle. Weekly cleaning of common areas. Sanctification of the rooms at each guest change to ensure hygiene and protect your health! Bills expenses are fixed: 150 Euros/Month including sheet kit, duvet, towels x3. Please Note that: ?The administration fee for 6 months is equal to €85 and for 1 year is equal to €160. ?The cleaning in comon area is available. The price is the same for 5 months, if you want to stay less you can, but you will have to pay the rent for 5 months divided by the number of months you want to stay. Il prezzo è lo stesso per 5 mesi, se volete rimanere meno potete farlo, ma dovrete pagare l'affitto di 5 mesi diviso per il numero di mesi per cui volete rimanere. "Si prega di notare che il deposito cauzionale per questo annuncio deve essere pagato direttamente ed entro tre giorni dalla data di conferma della prenotazione."

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